Thursday, August 16, 2007

Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition Announces Winners

Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition Announces Winners


Brian Price & Samuel W. Gailey of Los Angeles have captured the $10,000 1st Place Prize in the 9th Annual Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition. The comedy “Whale Farts” is about a likable loser, Skip Shaw, who is content sailing thru life on his Dads money, until he's cut off. Now he must face his Dad, a killer whale, a fishing tournament, oh yeah and water in order to get back some self-respect and the inheritance.

2nd Place Winner "Code Name Veil" by Matt Billingsly.

3rd Place Winner, "Emily's Numbers" by Paul Chepikian.

Over 50 producers, managers and agents were involved in the reading of the competition.

Scriptapalooza makes winners packages and loglines available to established production companies and literary representatives.

Scriptapalooza Inc. was founded in 1998 with the intention of discovering talented writers and promoting them through the Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition. Since then, the partners have branched into ScriptapaloozaTV, a television writing competition and Scriptapalooza Coverage, a professional analysis service for writers.

Keeping good company, the competition is supported by the WGA,west and sponsored by legendary screenwriting software company Write Brothers Inc.

For application and rules visit or call the office 323-654-5809

Press Contact: Mark Andrushko 323

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Congrats to Brian Price & Samuel W. Gailey of Los Angeles to get a first prize in screenwriting competition.